1-1:   Splashtop SOS for Windows

1-2:   Splashtop SOS for Mac

1-3:   Splashtop Business Portable for Windows

1-4:   Splashtop downloads page


2-1:   Google Remote Desktop


15-1:   TV 15 QS Win

15-2:   TV 15 QS Mac

15-3:   TV 15 Full Win

15-4:   TV 15 Full Mac

15-5:   TV 15 Host Win • 15.1.3937 ... Under Advanced > General advanced settings, set "Check for new version" to "Never" and set "Install new versions automatically" to "No automatic updates"..... One good reason to block updates: As of Feb 2022, the current version (15.26.4) requires creation of a TeamViewer account to set up unattended access. An account is free, but it's an unnecessary hurdle.

15-6:   TV 15 Host Mac ... In settings, disable checking for new versions and disable automatic installation of new versions.

15-7:   TV 15 QuickJoin Win

15-8:   TV 15 QuickJoin Mac

15-9:   TV 15 Portable Win


Main downloads: TeamViewer for Windows

Main downloads: TeamViewer for Mac

Previous versions of TeamViewer


For Windows Vista, version 14 may be the last
free version that works (as of mid-2020). For
Windows XP, no free version may work anymore.

14-1:   TeamViewer 14 QuickSupport for Windows

14-2:   TeamViewer 14 QuickSupport for Mac

14-3:   TeamViewer 14 Full for Windows

14-4:   TeamViewer 14 Full for Mac

14-5:   TeamViewer 14 Host for Windows

14-6:   TeamViewer 14 Host for Mac

14-7:   TeamViewer 14 QuickJoin for Windows

14-8:   TeamViewer 14 QuickJoin for Mac

14-9:   TeamViewer 14 Portable for Windows

• Covid vax card - 4 shots through April 2022 (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• Covid vax proof full record - State of Cal. (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• Covid vax proof - URL for full record - State of Cal. (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• Covid vax proof - QR code only (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• Optical prescription through Sep 17, 2022 (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• Car registration and insurance through late Nov 2022 (PDF) (pw: zap2)

Albany - 5792
BIN checkers ... ... ...
Purple Air
Adobe's free PDF-to-Word converter
Text Verified: bypasses VOIP number verification restrictions - doesn't seem to accept Visa gift cards



• Replacing a computer with a new computer - May 2022 (pw: zap2)
• Slow or unbootable computer tips - June 2021 (pw: zap2)
• Troubleshooting when browser can’t access internet - June 2021 (pw: zap2)
• Email notifications: Acronis TI, Acronis DM, Synology (PDF)
• Zoom Virtual Background system requirements - Win and Mac - December 2021.pdf (PDF)
• 2022 Calendar Book (PDF)
• Adhesive plastic 5 mil: "Adhesive Backed Dura-Lar" by Grafix ( and, item S05DP2025 or GFXS05DP2025 (20" x 25" sheet) ... and (probably) item S05DP2040 or GFXS05DP2040 (20" x 40" sheet) ... It's polyethylene, not mylar or acetate ... At Blick (online only) the 20" x 25" sheet is item 55525-1021 ($4.83, March 2022) and the 20" x 40" sheet is item 55525-1041 ($9.24, March 2022). Blick says that they ship it flat, not rolled ... At (an L.A. monostore), the 20" x 25" is item GFXS05DP2025 ($4.83, March 2022) ... sells only the large rolls ... Arch and University Art don't sell it ... Not on the websites of Flax, Riley Street, Artist & Craftsman, The Inkstone, Michael's, Jo-Ann
• Bookstand: Staples BookLift Plastic Copy Holder [online name] — OR — Staples Bookstand [name on package] ... Item: 515621 ... Model: 88980 ... UPC: 718103 050401 ... May 2022: $8.49 online vs. ~ $15 in stores ... Package graphics are ©2005
• Bumper guards: Rear: BumpTek 46" Rear Bumper Guard, attaches with adhesive, SKU: RP-46, $40 in 2016 ........ Front: BumpTek BumperArmor - Monster Edition front license plate bumper guard, SKU: BAM, $25 in 2016
• Check digit: credit card, IMEI, ISBN, UPC (add VIN someday)
• Comcast Business internet gateway default credentials:
      cusadmin ... highspeed   (possibly no longer used)
• Comcast IP addresses that are pingable via unactivated modems: ... ... ... San Jose CA (no hostname)
     Maybe: ...
• DMV appointment-creation link (which was hard to find) ... OR ... On the main page click "Appointments", under "Service Advisor" click "Get in Line", in the box enter "registration" (whether relevant or not) and click "Search", at the bottom of the next page click "No, I still need help", at the bottom of the next page click "I need an appointment", on the next page choose an office
• Ethernet RJ45 connector wiring (PNG)
• Example format of account-recovery address at email providers:
• Example format of forwarding address (Mailman version) at Google Voice:
• FDA dairy milk facilities codes (PDF)
• File systems comparison chart (NTFS, EXFAT, FAT32, APFS, HFS+, EXT4) (PNG)
• GraphXOnline / Rio Creative: Signs, banners, decals, graphics: good, cheap, and fast ... Navasota, Texas
• Jewel cases, 10 mm: Maxell Standard Clear CD & DVD Jewel Cases, 12-pack, model CD-360 (or CD-400), item 190069, UPC 025215190094 ..... Office Depot item number 511272, $7.99 online in June 2022 ..... Zoro item G703744499 is a 6-pack (60 cases), $35.46 in June 2022 ..... Price is much higher elsewhere including eBay.
• Keyring at
    Name: Small Braided Cable Keyring Screw Open 5.5 Inch Length
    Item: KR-9881-501 ... $2.24 each for 3 or more (July 2021)
• License plate screws (2016 Civic): Rear: #10-24 x 1/2 inch, stainless button-head hex socket-cap screw, Home Depot 2-pack: item 751-793 ........... Front: #10-24 x 3/4 inch, stainless button-head hex socket-cap screw, Home Depot 2-pack: item 751-907 ... These are longer than the rear screws because of the BumpTek license plate bumper guard.
• Lightning adapter for simultaneous charging and headset on iPhones and iPads: Central Computers item ADA-JBCLTAC8, $5.95 online and in-store ..... Requires Apple's Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter , item MMX62AM (works with headsets also)
• Movies .... Back to the Future, The Big Lebowski, Brazil*, Citizen Ruth, Defending Your Life, Divorcing Jack*, Dr. Strangelove, Fargo, The Fisher King, Flirting with Disaster, The Graduate, Groundhog Day, The Importance of Being Earnest [1952], The Life of Brian, Modern Times, Run Lola Run, Wild Tales
• NTP server:
• Paper: Neenah Paper's Classic Crest cover, 110/297 gm/m², Avon Brilliant White, finish: Smooth (not Eggshell), 250 sheets is UPC 096644041080, short number: 04108,
• Password encoding (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• PayPal preapproved aka automatic payments settings page (PNG)
• Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes, 100 pack: lists it twice: G3128851 ($6.10) (old photo) ..... G001956945 ($8.24)
• Samsung TV - Bluetooth keyboard pairing (PDF)
• SmartRG routers' administrative interface is located at:
      [router's private IP address]/admin
• Special characters that seem most widely accepted in passwords are:
      !   ?   .   :   _   -   +   %
• Star Micronics printers' default username for the LAN interface is root
• Stores with new names: Advantage Hobby became Horizon Hobby; Harris Communications became Diglo
• Test PDF
• TP-Link wifi extender/access point setup (pw: zap2)
• URL encoding of special characters (PDF)
     Common:   / 2F   : 3A   $ 24   & 26   + 2B
                       , 2C   ; 3B   = 3D   ? 3F   @ 40
• USPS rule in DMM: over 10 oz or 0.5" (PNG)
• Velop wifi mesh network setup without using the Linksys app - Jan 5 2022 (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• Websites with 1-to-1 mapping between domain address and IP address:  Apparently no longer
• Wiper blades ... driver: 76622-TZ3-A01 ... passenger: 76632-T6L-H03
• 2.23606 79774 99789 69640 91736 68731 27623 54406 18359 61152 57242 70897
• 2.64575 13110 64590 59050 65631 96034 27941 97835 39465 75488 27892 58580
Prevent Firefox or Thunderbird from updating itself: In the registry go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Policies / Mozilla / Firefox (or / Thunderbird). (You might have to create the keys "Mozilla", "Firefox", or "Thunderbird".) Create (or modify existing) DWORD (32-bit) Value DisableAppUpdate with a value of 1. Takes effect next time the program starts. The program's "About" page should now say that updates have been disabled. If the program is old enough to have a "Never check for updates" option, the "disabled" message might not appear.
• In Windows 10, Firefox 92 seemed to prevent some embedded content, even if Firefox's settings allowed it. Changing to Firefox 96 solved this. These were impeded: PayPal captcha, Reddit search, Splashtop captcha, Square, Vanilla Visa, Google Voice calls, Sonic availability tool.
• Router initialization: update the firmware (then do a factory reset), disable SIP ALG, disable UPnP, disable WPS, disable automatic firmware updates, customize DNS servers, change administrative password, physically remove any power button, label the buttons and lights, save the router config as a file, make DHCP IP address reservations, turn on QOS for telephone devices ... On first use, every Netgear router requires basic admin setup before it will allow anything other than outbound pinging.
• Force change of public IP address on ASUS routers: under Advanced Settings > WAN > Special Requirement from ISP, change the MAC address, click Apply, remove the WAN cable, reboot the router, replug the WAN cable
• Force change of public IP address on Netgear routers: ,,,, change the MAC address, click Apply, reboot the router
• Local domain names for network devices ... Netgear: ... TP-Link repeaters:
• Inferior USB flash drive brands: NXT (Staples), Lexar
• To connect a computer directly to a printer via an ethernet cable, give each device's ethernet port its own fixed IP address on the same subnet. (Default gateway setting is not crucial.) Suggestion: and
• Low-price Amazon items:
    B005IZLXPI 25¢
    B000Q3KHCM 50¢
    B00889Z9YC 50¢
    B000U3DZRC 64¢
    B01BKKQ7ZK 99¢
    B004KVD1HY $1.00
    More cheap Amazon items with "free" shipping
• Euphemisms for "used": open box, pre-owned, recertified, reconditioned, refreshed, refurbished, reloved, renewed
• Social media specialties: backlash, outcry, outrage, uproar
• URL shortening:, Amazon, Best Buy, Ebay, BH Photo
• Setting up email notifications in Acronis True Image, Acronis Drive Monitor, and a Synology NAS
• VIN (10th character): 1980-A 1981-B 1982-C 1983-D 1984-E 1985-F 1986-G 1987-H 1988-J 1989-K 1990-L 1991-M 1992-N 1993-P 1994-R 1995-S 1996-T 1997-V 1998-W 1999-X 2000-Y 2001-1 2002-2 2003-3 2004-4 2005-5 2006-6 2007-7 2008-8 2009-9 2010-A 2011-B 2012-C 2013-D 2014-E 2015-F 2016-G 2017-H 2018-J 2019-K 2020-L 2021-M 2022-N 2023-P 2024-R 2025-S 2026-T 2027-V 2028-W 2029-X
• HTML color codes and names, with a hex code picker
• Some named html colors:
black beige blue brown crimson cyan
gold green grey lavender magenta
maroon orange purple red salmon
silver tan teal turquoise white yellow
• Time:
    NIST online
    202-762-1069  USNO
    719-567-6742  USNO
    303-499-7111  WWV
    808-335-4363  WWVH
    613-745-1576  NRC

Marin: Apple, Applied Comp, Archrival, Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble, Batteries & Bulbs, Bed Bath, Best Buy, Book Passage, Container Store, DMV, Electronics Plus, Goodman, library, Luggage Center, post office SSK in MV & SR, REI, Staples, Smart & Final, Video Only, Vitamin Shoppe
San Francisco: Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble, Central Computers, library, Staples
South Bay: Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble, Central Computers, Levi's, library, Staples

Feb 2022: For a PDF created in greyscale via scanning at a Fedex Office store, Adobe Acrobat Reader says this when printing is attempted: "A font package is required to display this document correctly..." The solution was this extended font pack (or Asian language font pack):


• 7-Zip file archiver installer (Windows only)
          • Keka file archiver installer (Mac only)
• Acronis Drive Monitor installer
• Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro instructional video collection (pw: zap2).7z
• Agent Ransack installer
• AOL Desktop installer - Dec 2020 version
• AOL Gold installer - Nov 2017 version - may not work anymore
• Belarc Advisor - download link 1
• Belarc Advisor - download link 2
• Belarc Advisor v9.7.0.0 - downloaded Feb 2021
• Classic Shell installer (for Windows 11 on, use Open-Shell (below))
• Cocosenor Password Tuner
• FastResolver page at Nirsoft
• FastResolver v1.26 installer - saved copy
• FastResolver: OUI list at IEEE • copy to program's folder
• FastResolver: OUI list downloaded Nov 5 2020 • copy to program's folder
• Foxit PDF Printer installer
• iCloud for Windows installer (April 2021) - stored copy
• iCloud for Windows installer on Apple's site
• ImgBurn installer (v2.5.8.0, 2013, latest as of 2021)
• IntelliPoint v8.2 64-bit
• IntelliType v8.2 64-bit
• ITunes for Windows 64-bit Apple download link
• ITunes for Windows 64-bit - downloaded Dec 2020
• ITunes for Windows 32-bit Apple download link
• ITunes for Windows 32-bit - downloaded Dec 2020
• Office 2010 Home & Business (pw: zap2)
• Open-Shell start menu installer
• Open-Shell website
• PDFill PDF Editor v15 installer (requires Ghostscript)
          • Ghostscript v9.19 installer
• pingscript (ZIP)
ProduKey Turn off Windows Defender before installing or running. Instructions below, under Windows.
        • Installer v1.97 EXE
        • Run from folder 64-bit v1.97 (ZIP)
        • Run from folder 32-bit v1.97 (ZIP)
• Robocopy file copier (mainly for XP)
• Sound Recorder files from Windows 7 for use in Windows 10 (especially for WAV file creation) (includes instructions) (pw: zap2)
• SpinRite 6 ISO (pw: zap2)
• Total Commander Windows File Manager v9.51
• Total Commander Windows File Manager v9.51 - downloaded Mar 2021
• TrueCrypt v7.1a
• Vidyo Connect - Mac version, for Sutter Health, August 2021
• WD Drive Utilities for Mac (includes NTFS drivers)
• Winamp 5.666 installer
• Windows Clipbook Viewer from XP (pw: zap2)
• Windows Live Mail installer - In the en folder, run wlsetup.exe
• Windows PC "Health Check" (Oct 2021) (determines Win 11 eligiblity) (for Win 10 v1803 or later)
• Microsoft Show or Hide Updates - program that can prevent Windows 10 conversion to Windows 11; no longer on Microsoft website
• WinDVD DVD player - 0J7YLDSR5BSJ4DN - extract with 7-Zip (pw: zap2), copy extracted content to another location, burn content to CD or DVD, install from that
• WinToUSB Free V5.5 R1
• WordPerfect X14 installer files -


• Things to try when wifi in Windows won't stay connected - March 19 2022
• Remote Desktop setup in Windows - July 28 2021 (pw: zap2)
• Resetting Windows passwords indirectly - 2020 (pw: zap2)
• Windows 10 baptism - March 18 2021 (pw: zap2)
• Windows Administrator on (off): net user administrator /active:yes (/active:no)
• TeamViewer QS blocked by Microsoft Store (PNG)
• To bypass Windows' restriction on unsigned drivers, open an administrative command window and run bcdedit /set testsigning on
... Reboot might be required to put change into effect
• The netplwiz.exe program allows user creation and editing.

Windows 10 Safe Mode:
       To make Safe Mode permanently available via F8 during bootup, run this in an administrative command window:
            bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy
Three ways to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode ad hoc:
       Method 1: Run msconfig and under the Boot tab, check Safe boot and restart. (Reverse this setting when you're done.)
       Method 2: From the Start menu or the lock screen, hold down the Shift key while clicking Restart, then choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Startup, then choose an option by number.
       Method 3: During bootup, force the computer off. Do this three times, and on the next boot, Startup Repair runs. Choose Advanced Option > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart, then choose an option by number.

• If OneDrive makes one of its folder the Desktop folder, restore the Windows default by going to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Desktop
...and changing it to %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
Log out and log back in to see the change.
• Display seconds on the taskbar clock (Windows 10): In the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / Advanced, create (or modify existing) DWORD (32-bit) Value ShowSecondsInSystemClock with a value of 1. Effective upon next login.
• Set interval for system clock NTP time synching: In the registry under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\NtpClient, set DWORD SpecialPollInterval to the interval in seconds (decimal).
• Windows 10 interface font size can be changed under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Windows Metrics ..... Under item “IconFont”, change the first pair to one of these: F5 8pt ... F4 9pt ... F3 10pt ... F1 11pt ... F0 12pt ... EF 13pt ... ED 14pt ... EC ... EB ... E9 ... E8 ... E7 ... E5 ... E4 ... E3 ... E1 ... E0 ......... effective upon new login
• Google Chrome sync disabling: In regedit, go to (or create) DWORD 32-bit SyncDisabled under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome ... Change the value to 1 (disable). (0 is enabled.) No reboot required after the change.
• In VirtualBox version 6.1.18 r142142 (for Windows), a Windows 10 virtual machine installation fails (by freezing at a late stage) if "Enable Network Adapter" is checked and "Not attached" is selected. So the best ways to prevent internet access for a new VM (and thereby avoid Windows activation failure or the automatic download of Windows updates) are either to only uncheck "Enable Network Adapter" or to disconnect the host machine from the internet.
• A Windows 10 Pro upgrade license is available (as of March 2021) for $60 at:
• To turn off Windows 10's real-time malware protection, go to Settings / Update & Security / Windows Security / Virus & threat protection / Virus & threat protection settings / Manage settings / Real-time protection and change to Off ........ If left on, this feature routinely deletes ProduKey.
• Disabling the Windows 10 volume banner ... It's apparently related to browser settings, even for non-browser contexts.
     - In Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi):
          Go to chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling
          Set Hardware Media Key Handling to Disabled
          Restart the browser to apply the changes.
     - In Firefox: In SETTINGS > GENERAL > BROWSING, uncheck
     "Control media via keyboard, headset, or virtual interface".
• To rename a batch of files in Windows, open PowerShell as Administrator, go to the directory containg the files, and run dir | rename-item -NewName {$ -replace "old","new"} , where old is the part of the filename to be replaced and new is the replacement.
• To remove a printer or driver in Windows, in a RUN box, enter printmanagement.msc to open Print Management, right-click the target, and remove it.
• To remove a printer driver in Windows, in a RUN box, enter printui.exe /s to open Print Server Properties, then go to the Drivers tab, highlight the printer driver, and remove it.
Block Windows 10 updates: In regedit go to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WaaSMedicSvc and change REG_DWORD Start to a Value data of 4, then on the left, right-click the WaaSMedicSvc folder, choose Permissions, choose user System, check all available Deny boxes, and acknowledge any warning that pops up....... Do the same for HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv....... Close regedit, reboot, and confirm that the services Windows Update and Windows Update Medic Service (sometimes called WaasMedicService) are absent from the computer’s main Services list ...... Initiate the update process manually and confirm that it fails.

Troubleshooting Outlook
• Update Microsoft Outlook via Windows Update.
• Under Programs and Features, have Outlook attempt to repair itself (first a quick repair, then an online repair).
• Use ScanPST.exe to repair a PST or OST file.
• Use System Restore to revert the machine to a date prior to the problem's arisal.
• Start Outlook in Safe Mode by either (A) holding down CTRL and clicking the Outlook shortcut or (B) in a Run box, entering "outlook /safe" (without the quotation marks).
• Create a new Outlook profile.
• Switch to a different Windows user.
• Uninstall and reinstall Outlook (or all of Microsoft 365).


• Mac / Windows special-key equivalents:
     Control = Ctrl
     Option = Alt
     Command (cloverleaf) = Windows
     Delete = Backspace

• Mac: Switching tabs within current window:
     CTRL + TAB
• Mac: Switching windows within an application:
     CMD + `   [back quote symbol]
• Mac screenshots:
    CMD + SHIFT + 4 for the crosshair pointer. To select, left-click and drag.
    CMD + SHIFT + 5 for the selection box. Resize, then click "Capture".
• Prevent a MacBook from turning on automatically when the lid opens or power is attached: in Terminal, run this: sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00
• To enable TeamViewer on recent versions of MacOS, install the program, then go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, choose the Privacy tab, and in the left-hand list, scroll to Accessibility and click it once to highlight it. If TeamViewer appears unchecked in the list on the right, click the padlock in the lower left corner of the window (and if prompted enter the user's password and click the Unlock button), check the box to the left of TeamViewer, and click the padlock again to relock the settings .................... Go back to the main System Preferences screen, choose Security & Privacy again, then the Privacy tab, then on the left, scroll to Screen Recording and click it once to highlight it. If TeamViewer appears unchecked in the list on the right, click the padlock in the lower left (and if prompted enter the user's password and click the Unlock button), and check the box to the left of TeamViewer .................... You might get a warning that TeamViewer won't be able to record the screen until it is quit and restarted. If screen recording allowed TeamViewer in instantly, the message is wrong and you should click the Later button. If screen recording didn't instantly let TeamViewer work, then click Quit Now, and restart TeamViewer. When done in Security & Privacy, click the padlock again to relock the settings .................... If TeamViewer's access to keyboard, mouse, and screen are not complete, you can review the settings from the TeamViewer menu along the top of the screen, under Help > Check system access.
• Target disk mode: To enter it, turn on the computer while pressing "T". Connect a second Mac via a Thunderbolt cable, Firewire cable, or maybe a USB cable.
• Macintosh recovery mode, target disk mode, diagnostic mode, root user access, setting time to enable installation of older version of OS
• MacOS install from external drive: While pressing the Option key, press the power button; choose the installer's drive; use Disk Utility to check the target drive's SMART status & to confirm that the drive is Mac formatted; use Terminal to set a date about a year after the OS version was released: "date MMDDHHMMYYYY"; reboot if necessary
• MacOS forgotten password change: While pressing the Command & R keys, press the power button; in Recovery Mode, choose UTILITIES>TERMINAL; in Terminal type resetpassword and press Enter; in the Reset Password box choose the hard drive and then the user, and do the reset ..... This won't work if File Vault or a firmware password is on.
• MacOS internet recovery (probably incomplete instructions): If local installation of MacOS fails, use GPARTED to first remove all partitions and then create an HFS+ partition. Then use the Mac's Disk Utility to change that partition to the first type offered, which might be "HFS+ (journaled)". This might force internet recovery.
• To kill an application that doesn't respond to QUIT or FORCE QUIT, open Terminal, run ps -ax , find the application's PID, and run kill [PID]

• MacOS versions:
10.0     2001   Cheetah - 10.0.4
10.1     2001   Puma - 10.1.5
10.2     2002   Jaguar - 10.2.8
10.3     2003   Panther - 10.3.9
10.4     2005   Tiger - 10.4.11
10.5     2007   Leopard - 10.5.8
10.6     2009   Snow Leopard - 10.6.8
Versions prior to 10.7 can't run on Intel processors
10.7     2011   Lion - 10.7.5
10.8     2012   Mountain Lion - 10.8.5
10.9     2013   Mavericks - 10.9.5
10.10   2014   Yosemite - 10.10.5
10.11   2015   El Capitan - 10.11.6
10.12   2016   Sierra - 10.12.6
10.13   2017   High Sierra - 10.13.6
10.14   2018   Mojave - 10.14.6
10.15   2019   Catalina - 10.15.7
11        2020   Big Sur - 11.6.4
12        2021   Monterey - 12.2.1
13        2022   Ventura
?          2023   Mammoth, Point Reyes, Sequoia, Farallon, Redwood, Eureka, Malibu, Tahoe, Mendocino, Shasta, Marin, Santa Cruz, Bolinas


Local Calling Guide (P1)
TelcoData (P2) (best source for switch address)

Free Carrier Lookup
Scammerblaster carrier lookup
CallerIDTest CID lookup (with carrier, if cellular) ... max 5 per day, tallied by public IP and not by cookies
SipHarmony carrier lookup
Numverify carrier lookup -- Account required (free), but the created account doesn't work, so free accounts may be illusory.
--- Also: Telnyx, BulkVS, Twilio

Toll-Free Numbers status check
800 For All status check
Custom Toll Free (may be non-working)

• Numbers that trigger Android junk screening: 800-547-8531 (used by PayPal's automated two-factor authentication), 205-890-9720, 301-735-2318, 775-254-8745
• Sonic voicemail online setup instructions - March 30 2022 (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• Tracfone plans as of March 2021 (PNG)
• The native Android camera app on the Pixel 4a (and possibly other Google phones) doesn't generate thumbnails for photos taken, so thumbnails are absent when using Windows to view the photos from the phone via a USB cable. A solution is the Open Camera app, which does generate thumbnails.
• Telephone headsets, Insignia brand (a Best Buy house brand):
     RJ9 model: NS-MCHMRJ9P2 ... SKU: 5796300 ... $25
     3/16" model: NS-MCHM25PB ... SKU: 5788200 ... $25
• Panasonic cordless phones ..... Handset registration: Press MENU # 1 3 0, press Locator for 5 seconds, press OK ..... Handset deregistration: Press MENU # 1 3 1 ..... Alternate registration method for some Panasonics: Press the base's locator button for 5 seconds, then place the handset into the base's charger. Registration is immediate.
• Getting an email with CNAM for each call, via VOIP.MS - May 2022 (PDF) (pw: zap2)
• When tethering an iPhone to a computer via USB, the connection might not work until the computer's ethernet is disabled in Network and Sharing Center / Change Adapter Settings
• Nomorobo numbers: 202-729-9229 and 202-813-1600 (might prompt for 2-digit code)
Name Allows their DIDs elsewhere? Allows outside DIDs? Textable claims compatibility? Confirmed to work with Textable?
Bandwidth yes
BulkVS yes
ClickSend no
Comcast no no no
Commio / Thinq yes
Flowroute yes
Inteleeper yes
SignalWire yes
Skyetel yes
Telnyx yes
Twilio yes
Vitelity yes
VOIP Innovations yes
VOIP.MS no no yes yes
VoxTelesys yes

• Comcast call forwarding:
      Always: *72 *73 (home and business)
      Busy: *90 *91 (business only)
      No Answ: *92 *93 (business only)
      Unreach: *58 *59 (business only)
      Manual for Comcast call forwarding
• SIM card codes: The 3 digits after 891 or 8901 indicate the carrier:
     AT&T · 030 150 170 253 283 410 560 680
     T-Mobile · 026 160 210 230 240 260 270 310 490 580
     Sprint · 120 333 877
     Verizon · 004 005 012 433 444 480 483 486 487 489 808
• SIM card labels: In Word, use 3-point Arial with 3-point line spacing. Use colored paper and a modern laser printer. Attach with Scotch tape. ..... Line 1: 222.333.4444 .... Line 2: CELLCO NAME .... LINES 3 & 4: The SIM card number
Tracfone SIMs:  Tracfone SIMs for Verizon are activatable for a year after retail sale (per Tracfone tech support). The online activation process will accept an expired SIM but then probably generate an "invalid SIM" error on the phone. When I called about that error, Tracfone tech support didn't (and maybe can't) check for an expired SIM, and they were mystified by the problem.......... Tracfone SIMs for T-Mobile come stamped with an expiration date about 3 years in the future.......... I haven't yet tested Tracfone SIMs for ATT.
• Always busy:
     800-555-9939 (since 2014 or earlier) (but not busy from all phones)
     612-376-5740 (since 2007 or earlier) (but not as of Dec 2021)
• Android phone field test mode: Dial *#*#4636#*#*
• IPhone field test mode: Dial *3001#12345#* and send ... Choose LTE > Serving Cell Meas > rsrp0
• T-Mobile Call Forwarding (prepaid) - Any of these commands must be sent twice: the system alternates between error and success.
   **61*1xxxxxxxxxx# • Turn on CALL FORWARDING IF NO REPLY (CF NRY) to xxx-xxx-xxxx: phone is on network and call is not answered
   *#61# • View current CALL FORWARDING IF NO REPLY destination number
   **62*1xxxxxxxxxx# • Turn on CALL FORWARDING IF NOT REACHABLE (CF NRC) to xxx-xxx-xxxx: phone is out of range, in airplane mode, or turned off
   *#62# • View current CALL FORWARDING IF NOT REACHABLE destination number
   **67*1xxxxxxxxxx# • Turn on CALL FORWARDING IF BUSY (CFB) to xxx-xxx-xxxx: phone is dialing another number or recipient declines the call
   ##67# • Turn off CALL FORWARDING IF BUSY
   *#67# • View current CALL FORWARDING IF BUSY destination number
• T-Mobile Call Waiting ..... deactivate: #43# ..... activate: *43#
• T-Mobile Scam Block ..... deactivate: #632# ..... activate: #662# ..... check status: #787# ..... T-Mobile postpaid accounts qualify to use T-Mobile's Scam Shield app (probably unnecessary).
• Android Spam and Call Screen: Phone app > dot menu > Settings > Spam and Call Screen:
.....Turn off "See caller and spam ID" and "Verified calls". Then enter Call Screen and change each setting to "Ring phone".
• iPhone backups location in Windows 10 ... C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
• Google Voice cellular voicemail setup (PDF)
• Grandstream ringtone:  f1=400,f2=450,c=40/20 -40/200;
• Grandstream ATA IP address readback: ***02
• Grandstream ATA WAN access toggle: ***12 then 9 to toggle
• Grandstream ATA Validate invite: no

• Grandstream dial plans:
{ <=1510>[2-9]xxxxxx | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx | 011[2-9]x. | 10xx | *97 | *75xx | 4443 }
{ <=1>[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx | 011[2-9]x. | 10xx | *97 | *75xx | 4443 }

VOIP.MS encryption (between endpoint & VOIP.MS server)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
VOIP.MS control panel:
  Edit Sub Account > Advanced Options
    > Encrypted SIP Traffic:
Grandstream phone:
  Account X > SIP Settings > Basic Settings
    > SIP Transport:
  Account X > Audio Settings
    > SRTP Mode:
Enabled and Forced
  Account X > Audio Settings
    > SRTP Key Length:
AES 128&256 bit
        (128 is required but choosing 128&256 allows
        for any future upgrade by VOIP.MS to 256)
  Reboot if necessary
Grandstream ATA:
  SIP Transport: TLS
  SRTP Mode: Enabled and forced
  Reboot if necessary
GS Wave app:
  Settings > Account Settings > Account X > SIP SETTINGS
    > Transmission Protocol:
  Settings > Account Settings > Account X > CODEC SETTINGS
    > SRTP Mode:
 Enabled And Forced


• Sites with embedded Google Maps bird's-eye view: (must attempt a search first) (4-way) (Locations > Map) (Bing Maps) (allows address searching) • Must access "Info" for a particular store , Fedex , , Tandy Leather, , , , ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Berkeley Vacuum,,,,,,, Third Culture Bakery,,,,,,,,




Fastmail Email

As with ATT email, Fastmail requires a unique password ("app password") for each email instance on clients. Generate one at SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > PASSWORD & SECURITY > THIRD-PARTY APPS > NEW APP PASSWORD.

ATT / SBCGlobal Email

Server settings for IMAP (from Thunderbird but they probably work for all clients): ... 993 ... SSL/TLS ... Normal password ... 587 ... STARTTLS ... Normal password

• As of Dec 2021: When the Outlook client attempts to set up an ATT email account automatically, it fetches defective IMAP and SMTP settings from Microsoft. Force it to use the settings above instead.

• If an ATT email security key is re-used to establish a link to a client IMAP account, it might appear at first to work but turn out to be unable to send or receive. So it's best to create a new security key each time.

In March 2021, someone’s Mac Mail became unable to access SBCGlobal email for an unknown reason.

Our failed attempts to get into the webmail at ATT.NET locked us out. The lockout appears to last indefinitely: it doesn’t clear itself. We needed ATT tech support (877-SBC-DSL5) to give us a temporary 6-digit password to use to log in to the webmail account at ATT.NET. Upon login, the system required creation of a new permanent password. That new password worked for logging in at ATT.NET, but it didn’t work in Thunderbird. However, although the ATT rep said that the secure mail key wouldn’t solve the Thunderbird problem, Thunderbird succeeded with the secure mail key as the password. Apparently ATT uses custom account security that resembles OAuth (or is OAuth, implemented uniquely). At least some reps don’t know this.

Security keys are listed in the customer’s account profile at ATT.COM (not ATT.NET). In the upper right, click ACCOUNT then MANAGE PROFILE. At the bottom of the profile page under MY LINKED ACCOUNTS, click MANAGE SECURE MAIL KEY. A customer account can have many security keys. Each instance of each email client requires its own key, and key is usable only once. The format is 16 lower-case letters. Once a key is created and revealed, for security it can’t be read again by the customer: only deleted if desired. (Also, the system won’t allow the key itself to be used in the key’s nickname field.)

ATT’s note in this section is: You may have to use a secure mail key to access your AT&T email with some email applications. To change a secure mail key, just delete it and add a new one.

That covers the basics. Note that in iPhone Mail (and maybe in other email programs), trying to enter a new password for a previously installed account may not work. On an iPhone, an attempt for ATT brought up the standard OAuth login window (which is typical for Gmail and other email providers), but it refused the password (security key) repeatedly. I deleted the ATT email account from the iPhone, then re-added it from scratch; this technique succeeded and didn’t bring up an OAuth login window (whose appearance for an ATT email account may be a strong indication that login failure awaits).

Gmail requires user permission for the use of "less secure" email apps:
• At , go to Security > Less secure app access and turn it on. (Google's hair-trigger security sometimes undoes this setting.)
Comcast email requires user permission for the use of email client programs:
• At , go to COG > Email Settings > Security and check "Allow access to my Xfinity Connect email through third-party programs."
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- email requires user permission for the use of POP (but not for IMAP):
• At , go to COG > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Sync email > POP and IMAP > POP options > Let devices and apps use POP, choose Yes and save.

• Fixing a Yahoo Mail account after hacking (September 2020)
Click the username icon and go to ACCOUNT INFO, then...
1. Under ACCOUNT SECURITY, remove any suspicious email addresses or phone numbers. Add a cellphone number if necessary. Then change the account password.
2. Under RECENT ACTIVITY, check for any recent non-local logins.
Click the SETTINGS gear icon, then...
3. Under SETTINGS > MORE SETTINGS > MAILBOXES > MAILBOX LIST, click the email address, then in the column to the right, remove any suspicious “reply-to” address and turn off any suspicious email forwarding.
4. Look for any filters or rules that might be forwarding email.
5. Consider sending an email to all contacts if they’re in danger of being defrauded by a scammer’s email. (However, Yahoo may prevent further mass mailings after about 4 mailings of 100 each if it views the mailings as possible spam.)
6. Do a virus scan on the user’s computer(s).
Mailman setting for Google Voice messages regarding car
The key to blocking spurious messages is to use a GV number in a distant area code and block messages from numbers in that area code with this in Mailman:
• Privacy options > Spam filters > Header filters > Spam Filter Regexp
   subject: *New voicemail from \(XXX\)*
   subject: *New missed call from \(XXX\)*

...where XXX is a placeholder for the area code of the GV number.
• Action: Discard
• Submit Your Changes


• HTML for a Thunderbird email template
• Thunderbird custom user-interface colors can be specified in:
The file doesn't exist by default, so it might have to be created.
It's a text file containing precisely the text between the rows of dots below.
(See the underlying HTML for a more readable arrangement of the text.)

/* set default namespace to XUL */ @namespace url(""); /* Color and style of selected messages */ treechildren:-moz-tree-cell-text(selected) { color: #000000 !important; font-weight: 400; !important; } /* Change background color of unread messages */ treechildren::-moz-tree-cell(unread) { background-color: #e6fffe !important; font-weight: 400; !important; } treechildren::-moz-tree-cell(unread,selected) { background-color: #e6fffe !important; font-weight: 400; !important; } treechildren::-moz-tree-cell(selected) { background-color: #faffc6 !important; font-weight: 400; !important; }

• Thunderbird signature (see the underlying HTML):

:: Name
:: email:
:: 222-333-4444
:: 555-666-7777 777-888-9999
:: Address City State ZIP

WMOT ...........................................................................................................

To email an EXE file: copy the EXE file, change the copy’s suffix to JPG, and add this to the file’s name:



     original: Handy.EXE

Then either...
7z Option: Use 7-Zip to copy the altered file into a new password-protected 7z archive (folder). Don't encrypt the file names within it.* Email the folder. The recipient should have 7-Zip installed and use it to access the folder. In the extracted folder, change the file’s suffix from JPG to EXE, then run it.
ZIP Option: Use 7-Zip to copy the altered file into a new password-protected ZIP folder. Email the folder. The recipient should have 7-Zip installed and use it to extract the folder. In the extracted folder, change the file’s suffix from JPG to EXE, then run it.
*Gmail accepts encrypted 7z attachments only if the filenames are unencrypted. Gmail insists on seeing the file types inside but can't tell whether the types are fudged, as they are in the methods above.
• For email in general, the larger the attachment, the longer the delivery time. Example: an email with a 23-MB attachment took 5 minutes to arrive.
• 7-Zip doesn't exist for Macs. Keka might work instead: Keka
• FUTURE ADDITIONS: Check-digit formulas, TP-Link powerline utility, barcode generators, QR code generators, email privacy checker, FM Fool, TV Fool, Radio Locator, Public Radio Fan, Netsolver, Wireshark, Produkey, Nirsoft, Rufus, OpenVPN setup, Microsoft365 email administration (MX & aliases), Foxit virtual PDF printer, Comcast:, USNO time numbers, pingscript, HTML syntax, Spinrite ISO, Cocosenor ISO, Pogostick ISO, iPhone & iPad power & ethernet combo: A1277 & A 1619, Task Scheduler with Sendmail, WinToUSB, Portable Apps, SMART on Ubuntu live DVD, Sandisk flash drive encryption, ImgBurn, Ishihara plate generator, Speccy, HTTrack website downloader, Mac date setting in Terminal: date MMDDHHMMYYYY, YouTube URL timepoint marking, car registration, car insurance, medical insurance, optical prescription, leases, DMV driver record, ethernet 568B wiring, sync iPhone contacts with Outlook via iCloud for Windows, copying the autocomplete history from an old Outlook to a new Outlook, ActivePresenter by Atomi, file-splitting program (France), PhotoRec (France), DiskDrill file recovery, Windows 10 built-in file recovery, cable modem signal levels, Thunderbird add-ons and their settings, browser setup: last site visited & always load fresh & memory management, blocking Firefox updates via the registry, blocking Chrome updates in registry and services and Task Scheduler, OpenVPN notes including GUI installer and log access and connection naming, Firefox and Thunderbird extensions and their specific settings, ActivePresenter by Atomi, FAT and NTFS and EXFAT and Apple: drivers and interoperability, URL shortening at Amazon and Best Buy and Ebay, credit card number check digit algorithm, MS Intellitype, MS Intellipoint, HP 48G Calculator, how to make PLS files, Zoom's minimum specs for a computer to be capable of allowing virtual backgrounds, Rufus bootable flash drive maker, Windows XP service pack 3
• CrystalDisk info

France Info - PLS file

France Info - direct 128 kbps (MP3)

France Info - direct 32 kbps (M3U8)


• BBC Radio 4 stream

• KCBS stream

PLS file creation template: Insert the full streaming URL after "File1=", then save the file as type PLS (or save as type TXT, then change the suffix to PLS).

Title1=No Title